We cover live studio and location shoots observing significant moments of each scene to create a meaningful narrative flow of images. For publicity, publishing and marketing, we shoot white-screen files of the cast both individually and in relevant groups, portraying the generic characteristics of our subjects. Props, sets and costumes are documented along with observational reportage photography both off and on set. Using green-screen and blue-screen photography, we also capture essential stills for CGI manipulation.

Our hi-res images are edited and collated with each file, rated and tagged for easy archival management. organized using essential keywords, even the most complex combinations of characters, props, scenes, and sets are easily retrieved. Each day's images are edited and collated same day or by the following day, as urgency dictates.

Our 'behind the scenes' videos are tailored to each producer's/director's requirements as pieces designed to both entertain and inform; or merely as documentary observations.

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